Ned ( The weakest species )

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Author: ardenleo
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 16
Language: English
Year started: 2018


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 3762
Rank by popularity: 8576
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A peaceful world invaded by the monster, dragons and other species. Which change the whole society.

If you don't have money just hunt some monster in the forest where when you kill something they will drop a small jewel to trade it for something.

At first the human though it is an apocalypse where the humans will go extinct and they used weapons, guns, bombs, and nukes to eradicate their nest and kill some but during 5 years of engaging we empty all our ammos and there are still a lot of enemies left and they already conquered half of our continent. We almost lose hope after 6 years of engaging we only use swords, blade, bow, axe, and any other weapons that don't need any ammo.

In times of crisis something unexpected happen and we can feel the energy in the environment and we call it mana. Now anyonr can use the mana any time as we wish. Witch makes our body become stronger to defeat any monster. They called the Evolution of Era.

Some where happy cause their fantasy came true. But others are not. A boy name Ned during the Evolution era his family live in the center of war in a city called Grendan. Where everyday is at war. Some says that 600 people die there everyday and Ned father, mother and sister also died in that war even they can use mana and skills to eradicate some monster they still died not likely they are weak but because there a lot of monster who invaded. After that time Ned cry a lot and he pounder and promise those who created this messed. He said " Even if are a God I will kill you"


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