Destiny: Infernal

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Destiny: Infernal
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Author: Lord Joyde
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 43
Language: English
Year started: 2017


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 337
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Have you ever felt like you are the greatest outcast ever to exist?
As if someone, something out there, made you from the ground up in order to create the Ultimate Social Exile?
I have.
Too talented to be part of normal society.
Too dumb to be part of abnormal society.
This, is me. I am Alice Pendragon, a semi-insane, incredibly anti-social, nine year old noble girl in a world which seems to despise her.
School finally ended, summer's first day arrived... I should be happy, right?
And yet here I am, going back home just in time for my Fathers very own funeral.
And the dream which I'm about to have isn't going to help my sanity.
At all.
IMPORTANT: This story, like my EUPHORIA, will have highly erotic content. (No, there won't be any little girls having sex. The world in general will be sexually free.) Lemons will be made, but only later on in the story when the MC is older.
IMPORTANT X2: This story will need a cover picture! Any takers, please send me a PM if you're willing and able.
IMPORTANT X3: My stories are not rated 18. They are RATED MATURE ADULT. If you can't handle adult things, don't read the story. That said, if you've ever watched Family Guy and weren't offended by it, then you're probably mature enough for my stories.
IMPORTANT X4: In order to fully understand the complete lore and plot of this story, you may need to read some chapters of my other works, currently only EUPHORIA, but it should not be something absolutely neccessary, as the stories are done in completely separate world, but joint continuities.


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