The Winds of Fate

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The Winds of Fate
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Author: theyank
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 104
Language: English
Year started: 2018


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The first of the chain of events prophesied to end the world has begun. The Great Winter reaches its third year and creatures of nightmare thought to be long extinct roam the land once more. The Tree that protects Faengard crumbles, and only those with the blood of kings can restore it.
Ein is forced to leave behind his quiet village life in order to accompany his foster father Alend, the last of the Thorens, on what may be his final adventure. Along with his childhood friends and a mysterious man from Alend’s past, they face a path filled with monsters and myth, swords and sorcerers, dragons and princesses, and a demon wolf that seeks to swallow the sun, all while the world unravels around them in what will be the age to end all ages.
The Heroes of Faengard will ride again. Let the sun rise, and the world be reborn through the ashes of war.

Book 1: The Blood of Kings
This is my take on the Hero's Journey, drawing inspiration from books like A Game of Thrones, The Name of the Wind and The Wheel of Time. If you like those books, you might like this one. I aim to release one chapter a week, broken into two parts (Wednesday and Friday 6pm, AEST).
DISCLAIMER: I do not own the cover image in any way. Full credit goes to the original artist.


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