Sun-Moon Sovereign (阳月君王)

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Sun-Moon Sovereign (阳月君王)
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Author: Lulin
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 4
Language: English
Year started: 2018


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 3582
Rank by popularity: 17998
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Yueliang Huangdi "Ming Yahui", I was known. They say that my heart was colder than the ocean, darker than the night, and that I knew no love and compassion. All of these, I do not reject. After all, even I think I was a horrible person.Yet, I do not feel guilty, only a semblance of sorrow remained within my heart, of things I could have achieved, of things I failed to achieve. My death was well deserved, there was no denying it. The shattering of my soul sang to the heaven so high above and the lands so far beyond, mortals and immortals alike rejoiced in glee and euphoria. Let them be, I said then.But now I return, from my century of wandering as a fragmented ghost. Alas, I have attained a body of my own. Let the moon reverse the sun, and let the sun reverse the moon. From this day forth, I shall become the manifestation of sun and moon.-----------------------------------------Tags: Yaoi, Cultivation, Action, Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller, Gore, Smut.Cover Note: The man in the cover is Yunfeng Zheng. I haven't drawn Ming Yahui/Li Xueyan yet. Forgive me. X'DSupport me by donating through Paypal: [email protected]


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