Book 1 of Arethoneel: Birth of Chaos

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Book 1 of Arethoneel: Birth of Chaos
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Author: Lex_Kiria
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 3
Language: English
Year started: 2018


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This tale is set in the world of Arehoneel, a place where the Sea of Wrath divides two large realms. The Realm of the West and the Realm of the East. The West Realm is readying itself for the war to come: The Battle of The Emperors, meanwhile chaos booms in the East with the birth of the King's children, who have been cursed by some unknown entity. We will follow the stories of Ser McGregor, the Nyrlyan Lola, the Drow Fiona, the handmaiden Lin, the Smilebestower Kristi and the Prodigy Elliot. They all live their own lives separately, unknowing of the other. They all have a mision and a role to play.
McGregor has just been appointed as a knight in the Royal Guard, working for Arthur Jurongth, king of Arethoneel. The King, as of late, has been seen in his cellar drinking his worries away, not fulfilling his job as a righteous ruler. Nonetheless, McGregor has set to himself to work for the greater good of the people of Arethoneel. He and his mighty sword will traverse throughout the East Realm, slaying all evil and aiding those in need.
Lola is a small and humble Nyrlyan of only eight years of age. She lives near the outside border of the Nyrlie Kingdom due to the poverty of her family. After an attack from their enemy, Lola is sent far away from her home and starts living her new life alongside her uncle Drotzla.
Fiona's father is sick. She has always looked up to him and wishes for his quick recovery. Fiona knows, however, that in order to accomplish that she must travel far and back to retrieve some cure for this disease, since it is incredibly rare. Fiona also wishes to accomplish her dream of sailing the seas and becoming a pirate alongside her friends.
Lin Koneta is of the family of health and nursery, and in her wretched kingdom of Eckelstorm, she is one in sixteen families that are preparing for war. They do not wish for battle, for they know they would lose, so they are in seek of allies. Lin will be an omanege to one of these alliances, but she does not know how this will turn out to be...
Kristi Rhyona is a young lass that lives in Sturmley, a land known for its poverty and famine. Despite her circumstances, Kristi blooms with positivity and love for the people around her, and she is known for making the fellow Sturmlians smile with sweetness. But Kristi is tired - she wants to end this. Sturmley shall suffer no more.
In a sole and desolate place, Elliot Cobalt struggles to find himself alongside dozens of smart individuals. His family was brought here due to their highly intellectual DNA, but Elliot knows something is wrong with this place and he wishes to resolve it. The Ci Kingdom is a place of mystery, and Elliot will unveil the truth. How long will it take?



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