Heart of the World

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Author: HopeWriting
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 25
Language: English
Year started: 2018


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Virtual Reality has engulfed the world. So much so, that it had become an overcrowed battle royal of who would press the envelope the most and secure the biggest player base. It is because of the war that one company sought to go far beyond what the others were putting on the table. And in that search they found something that would change the status quo, a new strange power source.

But experimentation with highly unknown elements have never been without its risks. Will, a relatively new employee to the company, is thrown into the middle of this truth and sent on unwitting adventure to find out what has happened inside a world inside a world.

Hi! This is a little project I have started for the fun. It starts out as a short story. But if you guys like it, I will see if I make this story into a full novel.
I added quite a bit humour to the story, but as things go into the eye of the storm the character will face challenges that hit him down. But what do they say, when you've hit bottom, only way to go is up! :D
I don't have my own computer to post this story, but as I get the inspiration and the chance, I will try to update it. Hope you enjoy it. ;)


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