The 1001 tales of tourism of anime

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Author: SeafoodFirst
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 3
Language: English
Year started: 2018


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Rank by rating: 3480
Rank by popularity: 18012
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Hey I was inspired by A Play On Words and The Nothing Dragon Slayer's Misadventures in Fairy Tail
My si named Si "very original" will do what all shit fanfiction do but follow through and not mess up the storyline for trope shitty romance at the end. No bond with friends ninja shit, just plain old suriving traveling. Bad Grammer
The Ultimate Shit Post or Something (!u!)/
Si is a slightly fat and slightly rich guy with a normal life. No tragic no sadness. A fan of anime but not that much to die for characters. He will never get to be ninja because normal people won't want disorders and will just be a normal tourist. So because he will be like everyone else he won't be picked out of the crowd unless he plain out does something noticable but he is safe no matter so no worries. Like his car flying driving around but he is safe in his car so like that. The story will be more like short posts but it will be often if people want it.
From the author hey review and like and do stuff if you want this updated so I could know that people like this so I should continue.
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