Soul Reaper

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Author: Blackninja63
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 8
Language: English
Year started: 2018


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Rank by rating: 3467
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Hi my name is Osmund Anubis Ramsey Jr. but I like to go by Oz. I have 3 people in my family my mother Odette, and my little sister Zara who is four years younger than me. 14 years ago I died with my best friend. We were debating comics like we usually do. He was the one saying Marvel was the number one supehero franchise, but for me it was always DC. We were happily debating our cases when BOOM truck comes out of nowhere. My friend died on impact because he pushed me out of the way. That guy always like to play hero when it counts. Even though he is total thief. He even stole my wallet in his final moments. I don't mind that is just his personality. He always gave it back in the end except for this time. I died at the hospital and hour later. Than something amazing happened I open my eyes and boobs are in my face. My first thought was am I in heaven. It tuns out that I was reborn in a familar city Gotham home of the batman. I live pretty normal life that is until my mother got a new job as a corner for the Nexus City Police department. Nexus City has the most unexplained crimes in the country even more than Central and they have meta humans . It also can be more dangerous than here and this place is where you can get stabbed just by going to the movies. Lucky fo me I am that person son. He left when I was five years old told my mom he had another family. Oh I guess I forgot to mention my dad is the God of Death. He went by Osmund Anubis Ramsey Sr. When he was with us. We do not know his real name and his subordinate only call him Lord Death. Now I use the powers that he passed down to defend Nexus city from things that go bump in the night with the help of my friends.

Oz: For all the bad guys, monster and demons who want to invade my city you should know one thing FEAR THE REAPER !

Paladin : Oz that was so lame

Red Queen: I think it was kind of cool

Paladin: Your just sayin that because you like him

Red Queen: You do too

Oz: Can't you two just get along

Red Queen and Paladin: NO!

Witch Hunter: This is why I don't like working with women to much drama right hack

Hack: Don't drag me into this and aren't you a girl.

Oz: Can I go back to Gotham


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