Through the Ages

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Author: Hermit
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 15
Language: English
Year started: 2017


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In defiance to the old ways he challenged heaven and hell.
Long, long ago humanity, the youngest of the races rebelled against their rulers, breaking countless years of bondage. In retribution the elder races slaughtered their way across the free human nations. Spread out as they were the human nations fail one by one.
In a small human town a child unlike any other shed tears as he buried his loving father. Unbeknownst to those that sought the old ways a existence that was not of this world nor this infinite cosmos was awakened. On that day a horror like no other was born. In vengeance the boy waged war against the elders. His vast armies engulfed Gaia in preternatural war for hundreds of years.
Human nations on the brink of collapse saw a ray of hope in the boy who came from nowhere, who Realm was unknown, whose presence was akin to slaughter, he who refused to bow to any man. One by one nations rallied to his banner. He alone, a young man at time was giving reign to lead the entirety of the prolific race of men war efforts. He sowed destruction, and reaped death across the planet, bathing the world in blood.
Upon the final battlefield with the elders leaders kneeled before him he roared to the heavens in defiance, Humanity shall never ever be forced to serve the elder races of Gaia!
“On my blood with the 7 heavens and 7 hell’s as witness I vow. It ends now! Never will humans be enslaved for existing, never will humans be threatened and cowed in their own home and lands. They refused to be prey to those that claim a higher station because of racial differences. If they shall be forsaken unjustly then I shalt intercede. But, I know the score! My kin will remain unfettered! My bloodline will not pass! This is the price to be paid to balance the scale. If this binding is breach I who remain always shall ascend and wage war across the 7 heavens and 7 hells the likes of which has never before been witness. This is my oath!” He roared accompanied by hellish quakes and heavenly thunder and lightning.
House Orr, the house of the sole true king, King Orr Orr. The Founder, Protector, and horror to those that preyed upon men.
The legends say he conquered all Marshalling into thousands of years of Human rule.


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