The Akaran Canticle

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Status: Ongoing
Releases: 3
Language: English
Year started: 2018


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The land of Akara is an inhospitable place, yet civilization survives and thrives. It is with the help of the three Ways that civilization has been able to prosper. The Way of the Inscriber, those who instill the magic of the world into the things they make, the Shaper, those who can take the raw earth and make their desires reality with a unique connection, and the Tamer, those who can bend the chaos around them to their will. Together, these three have come to make something truly great and seek to unite all the bastions of humanity together. However, it seems that even Akara is against them and they fight to keep humanity moving into the future.

Kaena, a young gifted Tamer, has run from her past and sought refuge in the Guild of the Arcway, those who make the roads that bind the distant Hubs of humanity together. In the Pernin mountains with her team, they survey out the next extension of the road, and find clues to both humanity’s origins on Akara and also that which seeks to tear humanity apart.


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