The Scarlet Rain

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The Scarlet Rain
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Status: Ongoing
Releases: 3
Language: English
Year started: 2018


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“I live in a world where gods and goddesses exist. A world in which kingdoms wage constant wars against one another. My reality is your fantasy. My existence is a myth. My life is a legend. I am the beginning and the end.”
Seven primordial gods.
Seven Kingdoms.
Seven promised swords.
Seven chosen humans.
The Great Selection is coming. Swords will clash, and lives will be sacrificed to attain the highest power of all, the Infinite Power of the Universe. Three thousand years ago, a girl from the small Kingdom of Solaria summoned Chaos and obtained the power to rule over all domains.
Now, the time has come to call upon that great power once more. To save the world from its impending doom, Chaos decided for a death match. Seven humans from each of the seven kingdoms are chosen to fight until the end. Only one can obtain the Infinite Power of the Universe.
A long forgotten secret buried in centuries-old sheets of ice, an ancient curse, an age-old plot of revenge, and a thousand years of love will unfold in this action-filled, romantic fantasy thriller, The Scarlet Rain.


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