Symphony of gods

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Symphony of gods
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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2018


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When a mortal girl enters a gods domain she may not realize that she has crossed the boundary to another world. When a god decides to keep the girl he shows her a world that is beautiful and dazzling, full of wonder and death.
Gods, spirits and demons live together in the one city that houses them all. A city with as many names as there are beings inhibiting it- the city of a billion names!
Located inside this extraordinary city which few mortals ever sat a step into is a certain pub in a certain city with a certain god serving as both it's owner and bartender. What happens if this god decideds to keep a young woman that mistakenly entered his pub?

This is a repost of my Novel "A God's Pub", under a different name and with minor changes to the plot.
The cover image is not owned by me, the artist is:
If the artist want's me to take it down I will immediately do so. Sadly I could not contact her to ask for permission. If anyone can do so in my stead I would really appreciate it!


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