The Ocean Flame Palace Host

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The Ocean Flame Palace Host
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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2017


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Schedule: Back from College Apps! Will be doing once a month till summer break and then going all out to pump out all the creative ideas I have had to merely outline for the last bundle of months!!
Hai Yun is the youngest Divine Rank Alchemist on the Scarlet Flame continent. He was an orphan picked up by a wandering Alchemist Grand master and raised in the Crystal Ocean Alchemy Sect. As he soon got bored of refining other people’s recipes, he started creating his own. One such recipe was of an elixir that can allow one to retain their memories through reincarnation.
He thought this heaven defying elixir could bring about a new golden age for alchemists, to let them keep all of their experience after death. However it only brings about a calamity as the other powers of the martial world immediately begin lusting after this divine object. They attack the Crystal Ocean Alchemy Sect en masse, razing it to the ground. To keep them from getting it, Hai Yun devours the Elixir and obliterates his body so they can never even find another trace of it in this world.
However, in his reincarnation a series of very interesting things happen…
Glossary: Wuxia Fantasies
DISCLAIMER I do not own any of the artwork which was used in the book cover. It was found through google images.
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