Double Trouble: A Final Judgement Afterstory {NEW!}

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Double Trouble: A Final Judgement Afterstory {NEW!}
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Author: fbozok
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 5
Language: English
Year started: 2018


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Rank by rating: 3235
Rank by popularity: 17336
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Say hello to Katashi Kiyoshi, oldest of the Kiyoshi family. Definitely some big mystery for now. He does a lot of dangerous stuff, and is a transfer student, again. Well for what felt like decades but were years he had a lot problems, but he once bumped into this beautiful girl, that is in the same class as him. What a coincidence. It felt like Luck was on his side this time and with that luck, he wants that girl on his side. But if that is going to happen...

Say hello to Abunai Shinigami. Blonde hair, Brown hair and a complete Shut-In/Otaku. He loves everything that has to do with Anime/Manga. Abunai works at a small shop down next to Komanira High, the school he goes to. His school is full of interesting people, and some are just annoying, but some he thinks are the best. One of those bests is Natsuki Honoka. Brown, beautiful hair. Blue eyes as bright as the ocean in a sunny day. Your typical Popular girl. Abunai goes to class B-1, and Natsuki is next to him, when he looks through the window of his classroom, he can see her. Natsuki goes to class B-3. But there is this one fishy person at the same class as Natsuki. He doesn't know much about him but only that he has dark brown eyes and black hair, and that he is a transfer student. While Abunai is at his room he looked at his phone, checking the contacts. He suddenly got an idea. "What if I ask her number. So I can chat with her." He thought. And before he knew it the next day had arrived...
This story is happening in Japan, so I use the same greetings and using of names as in Japan (Example for Abunai -San -Chan, -Kun, etc.)
Why are there two different story's? Well that is because its a Double Story of both of the boys going after the girl of their life. If they end up happy or sad, good or bad, You will have to find out...


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