Magical Girl Gang Wars

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Magical Girl Gang Wars
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Author: FreakofGray
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 70
Language: English
Year started: 2018


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 3234
Rank by popularity: 1790
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Before we begin please remember from this point forward those that have a weak heart should turn back now.
This won't be your average magical girl's story.
In this story, there will be many things that people may or may not be comfortable with reading. This is a story that will descend into a madness of the highest order. The happy moments will be short and sweet with the moment's sadness will flow like an endless river with no end in sight.
For this point forward you have been warned and enjoy your say.~
In a world where magical girls exist between the worlds of Earth and Astral wars are fought in both the light and the darkness in the gang underworld. Men are at the lowest pecking of such gangs treated like slaves to their overlords, the magical girls.
Constant warfare is being fought all around the world with the regular police useless against the struggle only another magical girl can kill another magical girl. Drug roads are fought for, men are traded as cattle, and corruption has reached an all-time high in government.
All signs pointing that the World War Three on the horizon or better known as the Second World War Magical, as ambitions start to grow between gangs hungry for a bigger fix. Our story takes place at the opening moves before the Second War World Magical begins. Gangs have started sensing the change of the game and have decided to bolster their forces by hunting for new blood amongst the common folk.
This is where are our story begins.


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