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Fate CON-trol
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Author: Hytsxria
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 3
Language: English
Year started: 2018


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Human lives are fragile like glass. Once it's broken, it can never be whole again.
But there is a solution, and that is 'Reincarnation'. Although the body is broken, the soul is preserved until a new body is created for it to inhabit, the cycle continues on and on and hence why humans multiply day by day.
'Reincarnation' is believed to be the work of the 'Gods' humans worship so much.
But is it true? 'Gods', 'Demons', 'Hell', 'Heaven', do they really exist?
I for sure, do not believe in such things. After all, there is no concrete proof. 'Reincarnation', is what I believe in. Not only is it an interesting concept, but it is something I have experienced.
Every night, I have dreams of what I believe to be my previous lifetimes. Some memories are hopelessly vague but the others are incredibly vivid. The movie like scenes carve themselves into my head and the moment I open my eyes, the experiences stay permanently registered in my brain, and all the skills and abilities the person had will naturally come to me and it would feel as if they were my own. The memories of strange places, people, and events felt so foreign yet so familiar, it was contradicting.
I believe for 'Reincarnation' to be a natural law of the universe, rather than being managed by some 'Gods' that probably don't even exist.
'God' created humans? More like man created 'God'.
Enough with that, do you know what I detest the most? Humans.
Humans are greedy, selfish, cruel and all the horrible traits you can think of. Of course, they also have their good traits. But even so, it will never rid of my hate for humanity.
I myself am human, a cursed one at that. That is why, I hate myself just as much.
But even so, I decided to live a peaceful life, no matter how hateful the entire world can be.
But this wretched curse can never leave me alone.


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