Molten Core: The Ascension

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Author: Kuromori
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 8
Language: English
Year started: 2018


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Rank by rating: 3213
Rank by popularity: 17852
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The human race, 150.000 years ago, finally advanced through space, and colonized other planets. Eventually, the population grew to more than one hundred billion, with an extended lifespan of 150 years, without including the other races that they found in space sharing the universe.

And, of course, that amount of population creates a lot, and a lot, of trash. So much in fact, that it was more economic to just dump it somewhere. However, just releasing it on the space would interfere with navigation through space. So, they found the solution quickly, one hundred thousand years ago.

The solution are the “Trash Planets Series”. Trash planets are desolated planets couldn’t be terraformed or are planets that were exhausted of resources and were useless, being abandoned after evacuation. Because of that, there are planets covered in trash all over the galaxy.

And it is in one of these planets, Trash 6, that our story begins. A young man, surviving on the abandoned planet covered in trash, finds a black Mecha in good condition among the trash, signaling the start of his adventure through space.


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