Father of Monsters

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Author: rahdok
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 3
Language: English
Year started: 2018


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Thousands of years after his defeat at Zeus' hand, Typhon has become bored. In his many years of spare time he has created many "children" from Vampires to tooth fairies to his oldest children the leviathan and the dragons. In his many years of imprisonment he has spread his influence through something called "The Mark of the Beast". Somehow this mark ,along with his many creations, has spread far beyond this universe and into many others.
Particularily on a world that is to be known as "Arya". It is on Arya that a group of devil worshippers using satanic rituals and the mark seek to summon "The King of Hell" ushering in the "Age of Darkness" said to last ten-thousand years. Completing the ritual the cultists realized it is not the King of Hell they have summoned, but the Father of Monsters.

Synopsis and chapters subject to change as it is all spontaneous and up to my imagination. I've planned as far as making a begining and an end, but the middle is up to debate! As I do not have someone whipping me to come out with chapters consider this to be a "hobby" and chapters will come out based on when I want to write. If the story becomes popular enough and the demand grows evermore then I will see to pushing out more at a faster pace.
Oh and I am taking liberity with "Typhon" I have gathered enough information on him and decided I don't like some of his lore so he is "loosely" based on greek lore. And i hope my use of "" upsets people. I find them fun!


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