Saga of the lustful king

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Saga of the lustful king
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Author: ducpika
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 99
Language: English
Year started: 2018


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 3188
Rank by popularity: 1666
Release frequency: None in past 60 days
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Synopsis: Fearless, a famous pro-gamer died in a mysterious turn of events. He found himself waking up in a world strangely similar to the game that brought him to stardom. It was a chaotic world, a merciless world and a cruel world, but even so, Fearless must live and prove himself, this time not as a gamer but as a war commander. However, there was a major problem."Maria o Maria, my beautiful Maria, i would wage war against the entire world for you, my beautiful goddess""Matilda, for your sake, i will set this world on fire and watch it burns to ashes. Please, I only need your smile,""Henrietta, my dear Henrietta, just say the word and i will do it for you. Must I lay waste to all of your enemies in the flame of purgatory? Must I drown your enemies the depth of the Southern ocean? How can I earn your love?"Despite having a good brain inside his head, Fearless was a person who thought and acted base on the will of his libido. He was a mentally-ill bastard who lived for his lust.


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