The Magi Magic Games

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The Magi Magic Games
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Status: Ongoing
Releases: 21
Language: English
Year started: 2018


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The planet of Vextel is home to Mana, an essence that can be harnessed and be used as Magic. Not everybody can use Magic, however. Only people born with Stigmas can wield Magic. People with this unbelievably amazing power are referred to as “Prophets”. Prophets from across the world are gathered into various schools to learn and master their acquired arts. Then the best students from these schools compete as representatives in the annual Magi Magic Games. The winners are then sent to the Zone, to fight other magic users from the planets: Craynax, Skyria, and Oeria. The winner then gets their deepest desire granted by the Beings; all-powerful creatures that created the games, and life. Elenore Magnus, a seventeen-year-old girl, a Prophet, dreams big. She wants to participate in the Zone Games to get her deepest desire granted. What is her deepest desire? To be able to see her brother again, who has been accused and branded a traitor for supposedly rebelling against the Beings. She wants her brother back and the truth. But first, she must win the Magi Magic Games.


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