Magic Within: A Thiefs End

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Magic Within: A Thiefs End
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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2018


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This exciting novel takes place in the medival period. Three best friends grow up together, their hearts melded into one. Life in the small village of Escamar seems normal, until one day a black carriage shows up. The beginning of their new daring life begins. The normal world is not what it seems, for magic exist, but has been kept a secret for thousands of years by the group, "League Of Exodus." Our three characters go on a journey, discovering odd towns, with odd people, finding secret castles in the ancient forests, and realizing there are places, above the clouds. Their mission is to find a weapon, a weapon that no normal being can use. They need it to destroy the enemy, that lives in the Gray mountains called "Groods." And only this weapon can do just that.
With their guide "James R Lawrence." and their bodyguard, a huge tree like being named "Protector." They set out. They encounter battles, secret missions, sword fighting, and much more. But first, they must learn the ways of magic, and the art of war. They attend the only school of magic, hidden away. On the green hills of "Mood" they are taught these things, under the watchful eye of their teachers. Each boy has a unique gift, our main character "Stacker Dukov" is the natural born leader of the group. His family tree is far more than surprising. His two best friends "Ryan Cross" who is far pass smart, and "Reed Wood" who is a wonderfull weapons expert join him on this extremely epic, adventerous, and humerous journey. This read has entertained many, and has been said to be "One of my favorite reads." Now available for free to the public! New chapters each week, and part of a seven book series.


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