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Author: Storm
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 6
Language: English
Year started: 2017


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Parallels are a constant in life. Our friends' lives often run parallel to ours; we share similar experiences or tastes- perhaps even both. Sometimes, however, opposites attract- and our lives run perpendicular. In that case, we are not attracted by similarities; rather, we are attracted to the differences in others.
So, what happens when two parallels are broken apart? What might happen to them? Are they forever doomed to run alongside each other, never seeing one another, never meeting? Or, perhaps, might they be spun about? Could these lines that formerly ran alongside one another meet? Could they possibly be set perpendicular?

Any feedback is welcome, so long as it is constructive. Also, you may not use any characters, ideas, places, or what have you that I present here without my explicit permission.

A note: This is a story which I began over a year ago, but never got around to finishing- it feels about time to really get it going. Now, there are a couple of things about the story, and myself, that need to be said.
First and foremost, there's a slow start, but by the third-fourth chapter things should be speeding up a bit.
Secondly, in regards to release speed and/or word count per chapter, I make no promises- my schedule is fairly random, and in regards to word count, I will cut off any chapter at any point that feels appropriate to me- that may include cliffhangers, if necessary. I'm not trying to reach a specific word count, I am trying to create a cohesive story, with pseudo-appropriate chapter breaks. This means I will also not rush a half-baked release for the sake of getting a release out.
Thirdly, I will make any edits, anywhere in the story and at any time, that strike me as necessary- typically being wording and/or formatting changes, but I may also decide to change major plot points- in that case I would put a notification in the next chapter released.
Finally, and most importantly, I am a Christian; this story is intended to at least moderately reflect those values.
So, if you particularly dislike any of these things, feel free to look elsewhere, and don't let the door hit you on the way out. God bless, friends.


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