Shin Dokkan Magical Mirai (A Magical Girl Story)

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Shin Dokkan Magical Mirai (A Magical Girl Story)
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Status: Ongoing
Releases: 5
Language: English
Year started: 2022


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 31874
Rank by popularity: 33124
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Name translates to: "New Explosion Magical Mirai", or can be read as "Mirai's New Magical Explosion"
Credits to Picrew on cover go to: @konoichigo
Good morning, welcome to New Tako Town, Japan. A beautiful coastal city that boasts an all-time low of crime rates ever since its new heroic chief of police took office. His daughter, Mirai, is a regular student at Maguro High, who happens to be the student council president and member of the gardening club. She's renowed throughout the school for her stunning beauty, caring personality, and the same fire for justice that her father shares. Though, she isn't as 'perfect' as some make her out to be. Her straight forward and righteous personality often gets her into more trouble than she wishes...
Mirai's fire for justice leads her and her group of friends to stop a group of occultists who summoned a great evil to terrorize the city. What started as a school dispute turns into a magical adventure of a life time!
Along the way Mirai will discover the truth of New Tako Town, make some new friends, unlock new powers, and maybe find some love? That is, if she can save the city in time before it falls into the hands of the occultists.


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