The dark star sings

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Status: Ongoing
Releases: 11
Language: English
Year started: 2022


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Protected by powerful mages and soldiers, the citizens of the Antarian empire don't ever wonder what monsters lurk just past the shadows.One such species, the demons, exist solely to feast on humanity. Heralded by shifts in the stars, they twist the minds of their prey and savor the emotions laced into their flesh. No walls keep them at bay; no blade pierces their flesh, and no spells singe their skin.A single, strange, man named Valerian specialized in hunting demons. He travelled across the continent-spanning empire, purifying them as he went for many years, perpetually shadowed by a young boy named Aidan. The child did not care about saving people. Valerian was just all he had left.
But then one day, Aidan held Valerian's hand for the last time. Six months later, with the hands of time soon closing the curtain upon him, Aidan found himself pondering Valerian's parting words as a girl riddled with scars stood before him, glaring at him with the same eyes he once possessed. She was the dark star, the plague child, the bringer of the end. The grandest demon of all. Aidan took a deep breath. "I want to save you."


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