Transmigrating into an endless Death Cycle

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Transmigrating into an endless Death Cycle
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Author: LunaCampari
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 12
Language: English
Year started: 2022


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 31751
Rank by popularity: 31279
Release frequency: 4.75 days
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The feeling of running far faster than my body could handle was the first impression I had of this world. Unimaginable fear and pain was the second.
When our Main Character awoke, she knew that she died in her original world and soon found out the name of the body she possesed: Sophien Alma Rubien. The villainess of an Otome Game she just started playing. However the more concerning fact was that this world was unstable and her soul trapped. If she was unable to help this Game advance to be an original world, she would be obilerated. And to make matters worse, as the villainess, there were countless Death Traps and Flags waiting for her, trapping her in an Infinite Loop.
Would this new life be a curse or could she transform it into a blessing?

This novel has a Level System with missions and a system but there will be no overpowerdness but constant growth. You could say the setting is hell. This story will also be uploaded on ScribbleHub and Wattpad with the same username.


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