Chronicles of The Dragon Empire: Rise of the Dragon King (Rewritten)

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Author: Kuromori
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 14
Language: English
Year started: 2016


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Rank by rating: 3138
Rank by popularity: 4343
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this is the rewritten version of Chronicles of The Dragon Empire: Rise of the Dragon King, as i promised that i would do. Also, I took some time due the necessity of think in a new way to tell this history. So i will change a lot of things.

(Actual synopsis)

Around the 1950ties, an strange fossil was found by a genetic scientist. Howeverm since he was one of the freakest freaks, he wanted to mix this fossil's DNA with an human, and create something useful from it, like he didwith several species in the past.

However, the genetic compability was terrible, and no human could handle the DNA... until he found one child. A newborn boy. Killing his family, he kidnapped the baby and mixed his DNA as soon as possible. The result was astonishing. Accelerated growth, enhanced healing, strenght, speed and even fire breathing. This hybrid was named Fafnir. One day, Fafnir was able to break free from the laboratory, killing everyone in the process, includng the scientist that kidnapped him.

After 60 wandering trought the world, he reachesthe modern days. Unable to age, Fafnir lives for a long time, and have many adventures in his lifetime. And now, in a retirement of sorts, he studies human society, and as part of it, he enters a japanese highschool for research purposes.

But one day, while in class, a strong light comes from the ground, summoning the whole class, includig Fafnir, to another world.


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