Cary Simms: The Fairy Mushroom Forest

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Cary Simms: The Fairy Mushroom Forest
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Author: Crowbarella
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 30
Language: English
Year started: 2022


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From a young age, Cary Simms knew that she wasn't like the other boys her age. She didn't know why or how that was, but it seemed apparent to the bullies of her school. They would often call her names, chase after her after school, and beat her up when they could catch her. Her only protection, besides escape, was in the words of the Good Book.
But that was before she stumbled into the supposedly haunted house at the end of her street. When a mysterious ring and a drawing on the back wall of the post office opened up a whole new world for her, things quickly went from weird to scary. At a new school, in a new world, surrounded by people who had access to magic, all Cary could think of was how to escape the witches that had her trapped there. It was only having her best friend by her side that gave her any comfort at all.
This is my first attempt at a middle grade book, and would appreciate feedback. Please note, this is a second draft, and might not represent the final product.


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