The Priest of Genes

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The Priest of Genes
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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2022


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Meet Seth, acolyte in the Church of Virtue. He’ll be a Priest like his father soon, he just knows it. Sure he didn’t inherit his mother’s preaching power, but he doesn’t mind being the secondary priest at whatever temple he is assigned to. Just as long as he has a library.
Meet this genetics textbook. Hmm, that doesn’t belong here. It must have come from somewhere far away, I guess something happened to its owner. I’m sure a studious young man who likes healing could go far with this information, whether he wants to or not.

This is my first time really writing anything, so I hope you like it! Please let me know if I make any mistakes; I have a new R&D tech job at a genomics company, so I probably don’t edit as much as some people. I’m shooting for two thousand-ish word chapters released on Sundays, since none of the webnovels I read ever seem to update that day. Underserved Market!
Genre is fantasy, possibly progression fantasy. Maybe a tiny bit litRPG if you wait a while and squint really hard, but that’s the most I’m prepared to claim. Hedged my bets on the content warnings, nothing that bad.
Cover art from A. W. Gelman


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