Flesh, Magic and Sacred Steel (A High Fantasy Progression Story)

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Flesh, Magic and Sacred Steel (A High Fantasy Progression Story)
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Author: BootsDaToots
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 2
Language: English
Year started: 2022


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 31636
Rank by popularity: 32604
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Across the Ages, an ancient war has raged on for countless years between the inhabitants of two worlds. While one side has barely noticed the passage of time, the other has the war ingrained into their culture and their history is shaped by it. The Shuri are a timeless sort, having extremely long lifespans that can outlast most dynasties on the other world thanks to their innate mastery of the force that drives their reality, Magic. Their world, Ilvunia, has died long ago and its people are nothing more than ghosts of a great civilization long gone, devoured by the Star Tyrant, along with their sun and the stars that cover the sky. For the first time in their history, The Shuri must consider the survival of their species in the future and conquer themselves a new home in another world, Nilan. But the native inhabitants of that world will not fall so easily to these invaders, for they are in a golden age of industry and progress, blessed by the guardian gods of their world. Their divinely enhanced heroes, called 'Exemplars', form the unbreakable pillars of the stalwart defense against great invasions that occur every generation or so, fending them off each time with varying degrees of collateral damage. In response to their latest defeat, the Shuri have begun a great effort to counteract the stiff resistance of Nilan and ensure total victory to secure their new home. The Children are the Shuri's solution to the Exemplars, utilizing their knowledge of the flesh and the arcane to create these homunculi to mimic the power of their foe and fight them on even grounds.
As one of these Children, Elias was literally born for the sole purpose of destroying his enemies in the name of his creators. But he could barely be called a successful specimen, showing a disappointing amount of innate magical prowess compared to his siblings and a seemingly lack of free-will to improve himself independently. But Fate is mysterious, and plenty of surprises await in the future of this mundane homunculi. Will he learn to become something more than a glorified tool of war and escape from his own creators? Watch as a blank slate slowly become a living breathing personality as you continue reading from one chapter to the next.


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