Nephentian winter nights

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Author: Ahrakeen
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 4
Language: English
Year started: 2018


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Every winter the spirit of winter would fullfill what is later known as a christmas miracle. it is in various forms. But this time it comes in the form of a sentient snowball made by a little boy who is afraid he is gonna lose his mother because he is a bad boy. because the boy told many lies so the snowman wants to help turn thoes lies into reality so they are no longer lies. but as he suceeds in that there is one lie a lie as white as snow told by the mother. which sets the snowman on a journey because if that lie stays a lie. then everything he and the little boy did was for nothing.
the journey takes them through various places dealing with various stories as they unravel the origins of the mother's lie and her family. as well as the reality of the world itself and hwo that interact with things. you have a cinderella that is a assasin. a doll that just wants to be loved. wonderlad and peter pan and the cycles those two go through as each peter pan grow to become captain hook. and the next peter pan will someday kill the present captain hook in order to become the new captain hook. in the mdists of these strange and twisted tales and cycles. there is one being who wants to become a story. but who never suceeds and just goes deeper and deeper into madness
so will the snowman learn the truth? can a white lie be turned into truth? that is what the story is about


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