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Horner Paranormal
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Author: SashaGonzaga
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 3
Language: English
Year started: 2022


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Solving mysteries and fighting monsters. Protecting people, magic and mundie alike. That's the job of the Horner PIs, a group that fights and helps the hidden paranormal - and are a little paranormal themselves.

Danny Rye has been able to see and talk to ghosts for as long as he can remember, but for most of his life, it was more of a curse than a blessing. Margot Queensbury has strange psychic powers, and while they do come in handy, she prefers to rely on her karate skills. Jake Tassel-Chastain is a genius at combining modern technology with magic and the paranormal - he's also bound to a mysterious dark power that he really doesn't like talking about. In the sleepy town of Wolfden, Montanta, the Horners pick up a fourth member: Camila Castillo, a bonafide and powerful witch. Together, they travel the country in Margot's old van, helping whoever (and whatever) they can, solving mysteries, keeping secrets, and finding a family amongst each other.
But of course, things are brewing in the paranormal world, plots and schemes from powerful people, and our ragtag twenty-somethings will undoubtedly get wrapped up in it all. Follow the Horner PIs as they go up against mages and demons, werewolves and vampires, fairies, ghosts, and plain old humans, all while doing their best to stick together and unravel their own pasts.

This is the first "book" (novella, really) of my Horner Paranormal series, which was inspired by media like Supernatural, Paranorman, Coraline, Practical Magic, X-Files, and Ghostbusters.
THIS STORY IS OR WILL BE PUBLISHED ON: Patreon, Tumblr, Wattpad, Tapas, Webnovel, Royal Road, Fiction Press, and Inkitt.


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