Nova Interitus

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Nova Interitus
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Author: RRElewaut
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 11
Language: English
Year started: 2022


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Nova Interitus begins in 2063. The town and much of the nation are in disarray years before the Great Event. It's is a story about survival, power structures, the turning of relationships, and the networks between people and the systems to which they belong. It’s about A.I. and blockchain potential, for our betterment versus our detriment. It’s about the potential of humanity if we are to be saved from ourselves. And the question of whether or not we need to be saved, and by who or what?
This all comes from a dream I had back in 2005, when I watched the sun explode atop a small mountain. That dream was profound and I’ve always remembered it. I wrote some notes about it many years ago. There were two men with guns pointed at me when it happened. Recently, I thought about writing a short story to document this vision and memorialize it once and for all. When I sat down to write, I had to ask myself some questions.
The first question I had to ask was, “why were they chasing him, or me, or whoever that was?” And with that single prompt, a flood of this future world came pouring in. The muse brought me a heavy storm— heavier than the one helping Steve fool the hunters in section one.
The epilogue takes place in 2517. This scene is fully sketched and the full arc of the novel is set. I expect to finish Nova Interitus by summer of 2023.
Chapter One has three parts. We start with section 1.1 of the first chapter.
I am also posting the complete work on Substack.


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