The Ancient Dragon

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Author: KurtMKing
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 3
Language: English
Year started: 2022


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Three young men awaken without memories of their past, unsure of who they are or why there were found in the forest. They quickly decide to grow stronger, to look into who they are no matter where it may take them. Regardless of the dangers which fate thrusts them into, they will rise to the occasion. Things may be hard at times, but no matter what happens, they will prevail. Even Death itself cannot hold them, finding them too slippery for its embrace. Just who are these three young men, and how long will it take them to discover this answer, themselves?

Important Notes:
1) The characters will become OP, but the speed depends on the choices readers make.
2) Most/all of the chapters will have a poll at the end of them. The answers from the polls will determine which way the story goes. That means the plot pacing is partially dependent on that as well. That also means how much slice-of-life and how much adventure is in this fic is up to readers. Poll results will be private until after the poll is over, at which point, I will lock the poll and make the results public. Polls end when I begin writing the next chapter.
3) There will be no petty conflicts going on in this story, no political shenanigans occurring.
4) Readers do not decides the group's sexuality; however, when a sex scene does come up, readers may get to decide which guy our male MC sleeps with (or if he sleeps with both). Despite it being tagged as harem, it's basically a poly relationship between three guys.
5) Chapters will be posted as they're written. This is not a main project, so there is no set posting schedule. That means that chapters will come out whenever they do.
6) Chapters will receive little-to-no editing due to me posting them as I write them, so don't expect much in the way of editing quality.
7) This story takes place in its own universe, with its own set of rules. Please keep that in mind when reading it and other stories.


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