Galactic Community: Into the void

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Author: Firillion
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 3
Language: English
Year started: 2022


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Rank by rating: 31422
Rank by popularity: 32422
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Hello and welcome to my first published story !
This is going to be a challenge to myself, to see if I am ready to stick to a publishing schedule, and I hope I am.

This is the story of Isabella Ortega, currently a student of "Galactic Customs and Diplomacy" that inherited after her Uncle Simon was declared dead.
Among his possessions is a peculiar alien ship, as it turns out he was a Bounty Hunter for some time, and managed to jump to another solar system to acquire more technology.
Humanity as a whole is only slowly getting access to advanced technology from the galactic community.
First contact has been 24 years ago, the Sol system is slowly being settled and exploited for the rapid advancement of society.
And in the shadows of progress, criminals always loom.
But the same is true for untold opportunities!

I'll aim for 3000 words per Release long term.
This story will always stay free, seems only fair for my first story, and I am positive I don't need KU to publish a Sci Fi story, long term. I hate editing my own stories, please bear with me while I get better as a writer!


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