The Demon Lord who wished to be a Hero

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The Demon Lord who wished to be a Hero
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Author: Zerghugger
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 31
Language: English
Year started: 2016


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 3106
Rank by popularity: 5577
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This is the story of a person who in his life born and raised to be scary and dangerous. Being born from a Yakuza/Mafia family, his face and physique showed signs that you would expect from someone in that line of work. The funny part is, he doesn't like his family line of work and is actually a nice person, yet everyone is afraid of him except a few. However their was a strange occurrence of a "Game Pod" being sent out for game newly released for random people. The only thing people know is that is a post to be an VR RPGMMO. Which our Main character gets as well as his "Friends". He plans to become a Hero in the game however, he becomes the Opposite of what he wishes to be, and the game isnt actually a game (Hello! This is my first story Ive ever written and will post on Royalroad! I hope you will enjoy it and I really appreciate constructive criticism! I will probably edit the synopsis In a later date and if you have any ideas for it I would really appreciate it. And on one more note sorry for my spelling and grammar, sorry if you see any mistakes and point them out for me, please Bows Oh! I keep forgetting things! XD This story will have elements of other stories I have read, an example is RE:Monster and its ability to allow monsters to evolve at a certain threshold of levels. [ 15+ (Maybe even higher...) Strong Language, Blood/Gore, Sexual innuendos or content] )
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