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The Novel's Sidekick
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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2022


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Just because you can’t explain it, doesn’t make it a miracle. Something like that happened to Aaron, an introverted youth, who expected to live a normal, boring life. But it took a little for the expectation to go wrong. Who knew he would transmigrate into his favourite Web novel, Forbidden Realms?
Waking up in the mysterious land, Aaron finds himself reincarnated as Scar, the loyal sidekick. But soon he found out it was not the only change. The protagonist of the tale turned out to be a female. And she was the least of his worries.
Magic still exists in Forbidden realms, with the blessing of the twelve heroes who had stood against the end of time in the sky breaking, catastrophic war fifteen hundred years ago.
Unfortunately, the end of time comes once again. From the bleeding moons in the broken sky, to the wind of the end that sweeps across the rocky terrain to the snow-filled land, all cry the foretell of desolation.
Who will decide the fate of the Forbidden realms? The twelve heroes lost in the void of time. The Knights who lost half of their dominions. The order of Magi with broken high arts. The forsakers with their policy of non-intervention. Or the religious zealots and their dead God.
Bearing the responsibility and knowledge imparted to him through the book, Scar unravels the mysteries shrouded in the pages of history and myth, while slowly developing his newfound powers and others to stand against the end of time.
Follow Scar as he commands the ember in his heart, shouldering the love, hate, sorrow and frustration he never deserves, on his exciting journey to conclude the tale.

Special thanks to Mysteries (Editor) and kqwxz (proofreader) for showing enthusiasm in this book and working long hours along with me.


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