Breaking the Masquerade

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Status: Ongoing
Releases: 11
Language: English
Year started: 2022


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"Of all the things I could lose, why'd it have to be this ? " asked the little boy " I don't know but I'll always be by your side .So don't go" the little girl hugged him while tears trickled down her cheeks. High school life dawns upon him now . He has changed over the years . He is blunt , sarcastic ,charismatic , loves his gentleman talk , doesn't shy away from teasing the ladies and he bitch slaps people have it coming But under all the farce is a broken individual recovering from past trauma .He is kind to his loved ones , too kind in fact but a menace to those who mess with him . Well versed in all sorts of crafts from holding his own in a fight to destroying people with facts and logic , join him in his high school journey with his trusty maid where he meets all sorts of people whom he helps break out of their shell and who change him for the better too . A story of a man's personal growth and him changing people around him . A story with lots of romance , funny banter and great bonds . The story is mostly in dialogue form because the mc speaks his mind so most of his philosophies which are supposed to be monologues he talks about them out loud . The idea was so other characters could hear how his mind works . NOTE : Don't worry about beta tendencies , because the mc is anything but that. The MC isn't a Mary Stu so don't let the first few chapters bother you .He'll have his shortcomings too . I had a blast writing the females so enjoy the banter .I am bad with naming so i might change the names down the line . Every named character will be relevant . They have their own struggles , backstories and heaps of talks with the mc .


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