Manafest Book 1: Orange Orchard Omens

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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2022


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Long ago, Mana - the source of all things - gave shape to the world. Six lands, for six colors, forming a wheel. Every two hundred and fifty-five years, a champion of Mana arises - the Manafest. Nobody knows where, or when, or who the next Manafest will be, and the world has descended into infighting and deception. Only the confirmation of the true Manafest can bring this to an end. Setting out on a journey across the six lands, a girl by the name of Bradán has to contend with the adventures that lay before her and the friends and foes she makes along the way. By the end of her journey, she hopes the new Manafest will be found one way or another.
The first book in a planned six-part series, Orange Orchard Omens details the start of Bradán's journey. Venturing through the rolling volcanic hills and valleys, sprawling orchards and villages, and navigating the rule of the ambitious Orange Orchard Company, Bradán learns more about a homeland she has never explored or heard much about before... and she isn't sure if the land itself, the strange culture of her own people, or the obscure machinations of Orange Orchard Company are her biggest concern.


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