Shattered Soul

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Author: GhostReaper
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 47
Language: English
Year started: 2018


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Scorned by the humans of earth, the shadowwalker and telekinetic Sarah Marie Johnson was executed as a traitor to the human race. After her death she meets the seraph Tavariel, who explains to her that since her birth her soul had been shattered.
The young moon elf princess Linea has always been different. Never as strong as her siblings, but magically gifted, she soon had to bury her hopes to become a void hunter. Instead focusing on a path to become a healer, she performs a ritual to strengthen the bond to her goddess. Unexpectedly her ritual is hijacked by Tavariel, who guides her to the place, where someone awaits her.
This is the story of two parts of a soul, which were never meant to be divided.
This is their journey.

Hello everyone,
this is my first attempt for a story on my own. As English is not my native language, I would appreciate any mistakes to be called out, so I can fix them. I have a rough outline were my story will lead, but ultimately I have not fleshed out the whole story yet.
What can you expect:
My story will be mature and is only recommended to an audience older than 18. I will paint a picture, which can be very grim at times, but also very lighthearted. Just as life is. To understand the feelings and motivations of characters, you will have to read through all the good and bad things happening to them. I will give specific warnings before every chapter where I deem it necessary or appropriate. If you can not handle certain topics like death or suicide, rape or any consent-based sexual activity, racism or violence, you are advised to skip this story. You have been warned.
I plan on a release schedule of two chapters per week, normally every monday and friday at 5pm CET. This is subject to change depending on my work schedule and overall writing speed, which I have yet to balance.
If you got any questions regarding my story, feel free to contact me via comments or messages.


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