The Great rulers

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Language: English
Year started: 2022


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It were the days of summer. 'Sushil' a man of 5'8 with a not so much masculine body with a bright skin and shining face was studing with his friend Eren skowet who was 5'10 , having a good body, a little bit of dark skin. They both were close friends of each other, they knew everything about each other. Both of them were studing for their upcoming final exam of the university. The University was one of the most popular university of the country 'Sellereska' ( an imaginary country created by me ). The both were 22 years old.As the final exam was approaching ,the nervous was rising among them. The final exam was finished, both of them visited there favorite cafe, as the managers was familiar with them, he said to them, "I will give you a treat as you are our regular customer from last 2 years, as a celebration for the ending of the exam ".Eren and Sushil both were really happy to hear those word. While eating their meal, both of them decided to visit the beach as the summer had already arrived . The both decided to visit beach at the very next day. The meet at the station at 7 am in the morning as the best time to visit beach, according to them was at the morning. They entered the station and bought the ticket of bullet train to arrive early at the destination,the entered the bullet train , and sat at their seat, a very old man, named Isaac netro, was at the neighbor of their seat, he greeted them and the same did the other two, Isaac started asking them weird question such as what will happen if you are the chosen one to save the world, will you think that you will save the entire world or just run away from it ? I thought he had 8 grade syndrome, so I replied to him even if the whole world stand against me I will surely defend the people where are something to me. I can't abandon people who require my help. I will definitely save the entire world. (BTW I for just now is used by eren , the I will be changed for different people.) . My friend ,sushil was laughing as he listen to me, I felt pretty embarrassed at that time, I thought what the shit was I even saying that God there was no one beside us who listen to those words of mine. This conversation was carried for next 5 minutes as our stop arrived. We took our leave and said farewell to the old man. We finally arrives at our location, I was exited to hit some hot girls as I wanted to get a girlfriend but was unable to get one, even though I look very goo, but the experiment resulted in failer. The sun was about to take it's leave , so our time also arrived to leave the beach and bikini babes, even though I didn't get any either way. We were going to the train station but we saw a cafe, so we decided to visit it but something seem weird about that cafe, when we were about to enter the cafe a black smoke absorbed us and the next thing we saw was something unbelievable.


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