Dungeons And Dinos

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Author: DungeonPunk
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 5
Language: English
Year started: 2022


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He knew the tropes, Isekaied away to a fantasy world with Magic and monsters, and a System.
A hero, summoned to do what others couldn't. Sent on epic quests, more powerful than anyone born into this world.
Traumatized Children, taken from their homes, their lives. Forced to risk their lives doing what no-one else would. More powerful, but power needs to be used, and when death and destruction are your power ... well.
Mage loved it, he didn't need a name, he had a class, he gave in to it, embraced it.
The others, though, they didn't want this, they hated what they were, what they were made to do, how it changed them.
So Mage found a way to send them back, creating a dungeon, the only way to open a stable portal to Earth, and he would make sure no-one else had to suffer like they did.

And what better way to tear through a fantasy world than with Dinosaurs.

My first attempt at writing something which I think is good enough to share with others, constructive criticism welcome.
Will focus more on the Dinosaurs than what I would consider traditional Dungeon elements, and Dinos will be accurate to the best of my ability, Animals not Monsters, generally.
No set release schedule, may go on Hiatus but I will finish this, eventually.



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