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Author: AndyLeauter
Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2022


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Indlu, a vast continent filled with teaming masses, quiet empty places, horrific monsters and magic. The stories of that land are told with wonder, excitement and horror to those huddled round camp fires, drunk in bars and snuggled down in bed. Tales full of hero's who brave the elements to right wrongs, vanquish the evil and bring hope. Of villains, both monster and sapien, who prey on the innocent, naive, poor, uncertain, wealthy, strong and the wise alike.
Sometimes those stories are epic sagas, the heroes, villains, rulers and sidekicks well known up and down the continent. Those are not the stories told here.
Here the stories of the occasional hero or villain abound. Those who appear in the annuals of history for a moment and no more. Who's existence and actions changed the shape of Indlu even if only for moment.

Hi All,
I have a bunch of short stories I have written in the same world as my other publication, Stories of indlu. So whilst most of those may or may not see the light of day and many perhaps only on my Patreon page, there is the odd one that will be posted here.
In any case I thought I would toss my hat in the ring for the writing fest. Whilst that's running I'll be posting almost daily though with considerably less 'chat' that in my other story. Once that's done I anticipate that posting will be less regular.

  • Andy
    ©2022 Andy Leauter. All rights reserved. This story is also being published on Patreon.


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