The Chase (need help with title)

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The Chase (need help with title)
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Author: Karvest
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 3
Language: English
Year started: 2018


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 3002
Rank by popularity: 15238
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The concept is far from simple so bare with me.
tragedy befall three friends and two of them end up as mortal enemies. she is pissed of at him for a percieved slitght in her most vulnerable moment, and he is scared shitless of the girl he has always admired. trapped in his own body he is trying to call her for help, and yet almost certain he will die if she ever catches up to him.
i think this is the best i can do spoiler free so i hope u enjoy.
Ok everyone this is my first try at writing something of this size. i in no way feel confident to do this idea of mine justice but i finely manned up and said fuck it ill just do it. im not a native speaker of english but seeng as im currently pursuing a degree in english language i dont expect too many errors apart from some typoes (but still im very oppen to your oppinions). This idea first came to me a long time ago but i havent writen too much becouse i didnt know too many people who read fantasy so i couldnt bounce ideas off of anyone. but now i have you guys... hopefully... So feel free to tell me what u like and what u dont like, i'm always trying to improve. I only wrote a few chapters and even those were in erratic order and in my native tongue so i plan to translate the first few chapters and hope to see your thoughts on them as i try to write the rest directly in english.
ps please help me find a title for this book im so wraped up in it and there are soo meny plotpoints that i can not look at it impartially tnx



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