A Civil Minotaur In An Uncivilized World

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A Civil Minotaur In An Uncivilized World
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Status: Ongoing
Releases: 9
Language: English
Year started: 2018


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After interrupting a battle taking place between a human hunter and a goblin archer a minotaur named Ragnor decides he doesn't want to be defined or limited by human stereotypes about his species. He embarks on an adventure to become a successful businessman and leave his mark on both his fellow monsters and to change human opinions and challenge stereotypes about monsters. Along the way, he learns about trade and the sophistication of running a business as well as the dangers of investing in natural resources. He makes use of his body and physique to go on adventures, create trade routes, and serve as an economic ambassador to human kingdoms, devilish theocracies, and monstrous developing democracies. Join him on his adventures and enter the mysterious world of Cosmyteria a planet where dangerous monsters are as plentiful as adaptable humans and where economics matter every bit as much as religion and magical universities.
This is a lit-RPG but it doesn't feature a resurrected or transported protagonist and its monsters aren't intelligent because they were or are secretly human but rather because intelligence is necessary to survive in a world where every magician can hurl energy orbs and conjure mysterious beings from other worlds. It has skills and evolution, including for humans as well as classes and magic but they won't be revealed every chapter. Don't expect a ton of blue status charts & interrupting level up screens in the middle of a chapter. Ragnor is definitely not your Grandpa's minotaur but he isn't secretly a future god nor is he going to take every single cute elf or succubus to bed. He's a minotaur determined to make money and run a business intelligently while taking advantage of his own strength and gain business from kings, queens, high priests, and prime ministers.


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