Another Apocalypse Story

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Another Apocalypse Story
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Author: Yami Seeker
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 9
Language: English
Year started: 2018


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 2986
Rank by popularity: 15231
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Kuro is in a journey to rediscover his emotions if he had any in the first place. How would the apocalypse help him rediscover them after his tragic downfall in 10 years in the future. Will his empty hate surge into the heavens destroying humanity. Or will he let bygones be bygones for as long as that can last.

-Long story short in the review. This was another fiction I made but decided rather than deleting might as well recycle rather than asking the admins to delete it. Or requesting another fiction that might just end up just as dead as the last. *Pun on the dead.

    -4 favorites
    -I ask for those who previosly reviewed to please remove it. I want a fresh start. (5 and 4.5 review.)
    This would be the minus stats to be considered a new start. Well, thanks those who looked through it and now I wanna write about this weird fellow who lacks emotions.

    "Oh... Alright" -Kuro~

    As for the picture. I do not own it. The owner keeps his rights over it and if he/she asks to remove it I will not say any word against it. I will quickly change it to something else or personally create one if push comes to shove.
    You can also find the picture at: Web page link

And no, I don't wanna use this as advertisement is more like a disclaimer. That is also the reason I put it in a spoiler (The web page).


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