A VRMMORPG Adventure: The Legend of the Legendary Archer!

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Author: Kuromori
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 30
Language: English
Year started: 2016


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 2956
Rank by popularity: 1608
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Chiasa Amaya is a boy. A boy with girly looks. Like, realy girly, with a girly face, girly voice and girly body. To even worst, his hair goes beyond his tights and are black, smooth and straight. Also, he's 1,60 meters tall. Yeah, he is basically a girl... but don't let his looks fool you.His family, the Chiasa family, is a long lineage of martial arts masters, that have the considered strongest style, the Chiasa Style. At 14, Amaya mastered his family style, being himself a geniu that the chances of being born is one in one billion.But, fate is cruel, at 14 he suffered an accident that damaged some of his organs and bones. It also took from him his ability to walk, making him to stay into a weak and fragile body. Now he's stuck on the hospital.After the accident, two years, to be more precise, he recieved a strange helm from an unknown sender. It is the first Virtual Reality Healmlet, the Dream Seeker. And with it, the beta of Legends Online...---------------------------------------------------------------------this is a side project of a side project, i will make it together with oniKing when i have time...


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