Yet another ”reincarnated as a monster” story, however, this time, it’s a carnivorous plant

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Author: Palt
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 45
Language: English
Year started: 2018


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Bob was a very social person, however, he had no friends. he liked being with people, no matter how tiring he found it, and was constantly looking for new friends. but, he never did find any. he remained a loner for the most of his life, being social only on the internet where people couldn't reject him due to his frightening visage, and with his one and only friend, Muffin the snake.
one day Bob was out for a walk, smiling and greeting people as he would whenever his and their eyes meet. shame his eyes were so cold and lifeless he would have scared off God Himself, had He not taken a liking to Bob. as luck would have it, this would be the last time he would walk. ever. what happened was simple. he walked into a sword. how this happened is irrelevant, just be assured that this took his life without fail, and soon Bob was no more. at least he thought so.

heyo mayo, the Author Palt here, coming right in with the news. yes, I'm making another one and yes I am ashamed. however, I have a few good reasons. oneI've always wanted to make one like this and two, I've got a certain something coming up that i have to flex my writing muscles for. thus, I've picked up writing again. ain't it fun!? if you have any comments about anything like plot holes or unrealistic characters, just comment bro. I love criticism. and on that note, I'll just say that this will be kind of like "i reincarnated as a dragon's egg" but also not. well, whatever. let's have fun together, awwite!?


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