A Truck Driver's Tale

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A Truck Driver's Tale
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Author: Khajata
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 8
Language: English
Year started: 2018


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 2906
Rank by popularity: 8302
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Kasper was a truck driver. He was visited by a Goddess who rules over a world alien to his own. A terrible Daemon Lord had risen and none could subdue its menace. The Goddess thus tasked Kasper to send Heroes and Heroines to Her world with his Kenworth T880. She promised him divinity in Her own realm if he could send Her five children. Before he could, however, Kasper met his death at the hands of another truck driver and their Peterbilt 389.
Having failed to send the Goddess five children, Kasper is denied his promised divinity. In thanks for the four Heroes and Heroines he did send, however, the Goddess offers him life and comfort in Her realm as a mortal man. Kasper is sent to the faux-Arabian lands of Al-Saliya, but he is not alone. His Kenworth T880 has been reborn as a sentient wooden cart.
And thus our story begins.

Readers of A Truck Driver's Tale are encouraged to leave a comment after reading. Each chapter will end with a decision Kasper needs to make. Readers will need to decide how he proceeds. While various choices will be offered, readers are encouraged to suggest their own from time to time.


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