Last Ramas

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Author: yoboichilli
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 5
Language: English
Year started: 2018


Rating: -
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Author: Typical MC while playing a VR game gets sent to another world as his in-game character and with the same game elements. (and yes, I like overlord All hail Ainz) This story is a mix of many ideas that I loved from many novels like overlord, black titan and many others that I cant remember.If you want a proper synopsis, here, just take it. :(
In the famous VR game of Last Ramas, one of the top players Alexander Reed is getting ready for a battle due to a game event. The enemy boss, a necromancer summons a large number of ghouls and starts the first attack against the gate of the outer walls of his city, Alexander warned by the game rushes to the area being attacked, watching from the wall he starts analyzing the situation to act accordingly. Then the ground starts to shake wildly, then Alexander's vision begins to fade and darken, after a few seconds his mind gives up and faints.
Afterwards, he wakes in his private quarters at the palace, confused and wondering how he got here when a moment ago he was at the gate of the outer wall, trying to make sense of the situation he decides to open the window and get more information on the situation at the outer wall but to his surprise he starts to feel the wind current and asks himself 'What the hell, is this wind?it's so realistic. Is this an update? 'Later someone walks in the room interrupting his thoughts. He realizes its the NPC Niklaus, Niklaus starts to talk as if it was a normal occurrence but for Alexander, this is impossible as NPCs cant talk they have a text box that allows players to interact and give them commands.
Author again: Don't expect much from me, am doing this because I got bored.


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