The figure behind the dress

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The figure behind the dress
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Author: LXH
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 4
Language: English
Year started: 2016


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On hold/hiatus for now
On a battlefield filled with destruction stood a single stoic figure. Leaning aginst her blade, she struggles to stand up amidst the war-torn fields. The stench of blood and death assuaging her bloodlust and calming her mind, she looks across the sickening and violent landscape, leering at the stars above with madness in her eyes. Laughing into the cruel pungent atmosphere she cries out with wicked glee,
"Here I am... home. Home at last."
...and as the last of her cries echo out amongst the slain and dying, her tears begin to flow. Thick and hot tears as if they were her very own blood run down her cheeks and drop down onto the bloodied dirt. She is home at last. Unwillingly home on a forsaken battlefield with nowhere else to belong to.

"I am home."

This is my first try at a virtual reality fiction with light LitRPG tones. I hope you'll all enjoy the very slow going ride as I build this world of love, laughter, and loss for your enjoyment. Happy reading!
All tags as of now are tentative and subject to change as I solidfy my plans for the plot direction. Stay tuned for revisions to the drafts uploaded as well the corrections that come with criticism! Let us develop on this road together!
Please look forward to it!


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